Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

How much do you charge?

Please visit our Pricing page.

Does Spectacular work on Android phones & tablets?

Yes... Download it from the Google Play Store...

Does Spectacular work on Windows?

Yes... Download it from the Windows App Store...

Does Spectacular work on a Mac?

Yes... Sign in to get started...

Can I use my mobile and desktop computers together for the same job? I like to start on my iPhone/Android and finish on a desktop.

Yes... This feature is available with any of our pricing plans including the Inaugural plan when you Sign into your devices...

Are you flexible on pricing?

Yes. Give us a call and let's work out a plan that makes sense for your business.

Can I print with my iPad in the field?

Yes. Please view our Printing Instructions for more information.

How do I backup my comments and reports?

Your comments, customers and reports are automatically backed up on our servers when you Sign in and put your password into the app at the Inspector Info screen.

Do you charge for support?

No way. Support is always free whether you're a paying customer or not. Even if you're just learning Spectacular with the sample report, shoot us an email or phone call, and we'll be glad to help. Most likely though your question is in this FAQ or in our Help Manual, but if not, definitely don't hesitate to connect with us.

Does Spectacular have voice recognition?

Yes. Actually, voice recognition is built into the iPad and Spectacular utilizes this capability. Tap the microphone button on the keyboard and talk your text in rather than type it. Also, if you are offline, you can instead record a voice note to review later.

How do I take pictures in the dark with the flash-less iPad?

The smaller iPad Pro is the only iPad that has a flash. Otherwise, you'd use your digital camera for a flash photo. Apple sells a camera SD card adapter that plugs into the iPad, and then it's like choosing the photos from the iPad picture library.